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The Banking & Finance Sector is one of the more advanced sectors in India that is growing and evolving with the advent of the digital banking & financial landscape.

 With the changing scenario, clients are seeking advice to execute banking  and financial or bond transactions that are now governed by the market norms and an array of challenges. The increasingly complex operations require supervision and advise of skilled legal consultants that can make a difference when it comes to taking the final decisions. The markets of Banking and Financial are adapting to the continually changing economic, political and regulatory framework. Thus, arises the need for fresh innovative thinking.


Banking & Finance at The Legal Court


The Legal Court has a niche banking & finance practice built on well-experienced professionals experts lawyers who understand each client’s unique requirements and advise with suitable solutions accordingly. We are also positioned well to support banking and Finance, corporate and cross-border financing requirements.We act as trusted advisers to major corporations, banks and financial institutions for carving out efficient and constructive solutions with complex financing procedures and arrangements. We also support financing transactions, asset structured finance and restructurings.

Our banking and finance practice relies on our Legal firm’s vast industry and regulatory experience. Consequently, we are capable of effectively assisting Clients structuring transactions that are successful and cater to regulatory and industry concerns.

Our Legal firm’s banking and finance practice is known for its responsiveness and clarity with simplified legal solutions. We have the ability to work effectively and prolifically with Local & international Clients. Clients strongly believe that our expert lawyers take a practical and business-oriented approach to achieve their proposed objectives.

Our best legal services include advice in relation to:

  • Banking Regulations.

  • Structuring and documentation for financing transactions.

  • Structuring and documentation for security creation.

  • External Commercial Borrowings.

  • Debt restructuring.

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency proceedings.

  • Recovery and enforcement proceedings; and

  • Disputes relating to the financing and securitisation arrangements.