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Appellate Advocacy

What is appellate Advocacy?

The word Appellate means the ability to review and change the decision of an inferior court.

During Appellate Advocacy one has not to worry about evidence and affidavits as it is the opportunity provided to the aggrieved party who is not satisfied by the decision of the court of original jurisdiction. It is a substantive and statutory right of a person.

The proceeding under the Appellate advocacy is not similar to a trial as the aggrieved party has to take onus probandi for stating errors or mistakes of the trial court or corroborating any evidence which is not at all considered at the initial stage.

The Appellate jurisdiction in India is vested in both Supreme Court as well as High Court. The courts have the power to overrule or uphold the decision by reviewing the judgment. The basis on which the Appellate court reviews or changes the decision is to make sure the proceedings were just and fair and laws were applied correctly.

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In a criminal proceeding, the grounds for filing the appeal are when there is an error or when the law is not correctly applied, or evidentiary issues. The person who has the right to appeal are those who are party to suits or their legal representative or any person who are claiming under the same or the person who has taken leave from the court.

How can THELEGALCOURT help you in appellate Advocacy Matters in Jaipur & Rajasthan?

Any person who wants to file an appeal can connect with us and we will revert back within 24 hours. Our experts will help you in filing the case with correct and requisite means in the least time and with minimum cost. 

Why THELEGALCOURT for appellate Advocacy Matters in Jaipur & Rajasthan?

The role of an appellate lawyer is not simple; rather it requires more knowledge, research, and analyzing skills as it starts when a decision is already made. We here at THELEGALCOURT are providing services for a long and now have quite expertise in the field and a practicing appeal lawyer can properly navigate the rule, identify the issues and advance arguments,s and can properly present them as per the needs of the judge.

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