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In the field of litigation law firms play an important role to increase the scope of professionalism. The law firm is a partnership or association of the advocates with common intention of  work. From the last 10 years the scope of law firms has increased day by day.  Law firm is not a company registered under companies act. It is an ordinary business between two  or more advocates who share a  variety of clients. Law firm  provides the services in various laws like administrative laws, criminal laws, civil laws, constitution law, competition law, labour law, intellectual property law, company law, taxation law, banking and financial law. The law firm can be a sole (only 1 advocate) or small or large association of advocates. The distribution of law depends upon the size of the law firm.

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There are various features of law firms for court Cases.

1.Partnership relation

 law firms deal with the healthy partnership culture among the advocates. They share common purpose and honesty with each other.


leadership is another important feature of a law firm. A sole advocate or committee of some experienced advocates leads the whole partnership firm. They encourage team quality.

3.Management of work

Every partner has a different specialization in the work. Committee distributes or manages the work according to specialization and circumstances of the case. 

4.Litigation work

 The established and successful law firm provides qualitative and quantitative work to the clients. Due to the high competition among the law firms, every law firm tries to provide the best services to each and every client.

5.Dignity and professional ethics.  

The law firm is a famous concept due to its highly professionalism conduct. The experienced and senior advocates do work with dignity and ethics.

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