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The Legal Court provides FREE initial Advice relating to all Land Title Report  matters. It’s professional experienced Lawyers have decades of experience in handling sensitive Land Title Report  matters of all kinds.The Legal Court top advocates in Jaipur for Land Title Report  matters are listed here. They are the practicing advocates in different courts like the Supreme Court, High court, District court, Session court City etc for Police case matters.

Land Title Report search covers the following points:

Deed Copy:The most recent legal deeds are made available duly certified.

Document Book and Page: Written location of the legal documents, showing book and page or document number.

Legal Description: Description of the property in legal parlance according to law.

Chain of Documents: Details of previous owners of the property with chain  legal documents.

Title Abstract Document: An official abstract document is provided – not just a deed report.

Ownership Structure: Report on ownership structure  like joint tenants, individual, corporate, tenants in common, etc.

Right of Way: A legal right of way may have been issued to allow use by another party.

Leases: Recorded legal leases can affect the ownership and use of property.

Mortgage Search: Details of mortgage lender, amount of mortgage and date.

Equity Loan Search: Land Report of equity loans against the property.

Tax Payment Search: Details of tax payment in relation to the land property.

Foreclosure Search: Report of foreclosure status, listing any pending litigation, notice of default of land etc. 

Bankruptcy Search: Reporting the bankruptcy of the owner of the land property. 

Civil Court Record Search: Report of civil court records found to be recorded against the land records of the property.

Tax Lien Search: Title search for tax lien encumbrances on the land property. 

Municipal Services Lien Search: Report of land dues of unpaid municipal services such as utilities, water, sewer, trash, etc.