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July 02, 2021 - BY Admin


 Sexual harassment is one of the heinous crime and punishable under indian laws. Sexual harassment in workplace reflect the narrow thinking of people. After the judgement of Vishakha vs state of Rajasthan, the SC gave various guidelines to avoid the sexual harassment and protect the dignity of women employee. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act 2013 deals with sexual harassment cases at workplace.  Now the question should be asked what should enter do if they feel that they have been sexually harassed.  First of all , employee should know that she is actually harassed or not. After than she should  raise the voice   against sexual harassment in workplace. Sexual harassment includes uninvited comments, conduct or behaviour regarding sex or gender. For a example- Unwanted sexual favour, actual sex or attempt of sexual assault, unwanted pressure of for dates, Neck  jokes, staring etc. 

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Filing a complaint in women safety cell

Every company, institution, factory have a  women safety cell. In this cell any women employee can register her complaint against sexual harassment . Establishment of women safety cell in every workplace is one of guidelines of Vishakha case judgement of supreme court of India. Every employee who suffer from sexual harassment can write a formal application and submit in such cell for further action.  A complaint letter should be in clear format and contains real allegation against such person who did sexual harassment or attempt to harass. But the company has no any procedure for filing harassment cases, employee should speak about all the matter to superior officer. A women employee should remember all the dates and time when she has been harassed. Therefore, you can take action with the evidences and actual manner in further authority.

Litigation procedure

If you don’t get any appropriate response form the company’s cell or superior authority. You can file FIR against such employer in police station. You can approach state agencies like state women commission or National women commission or such NGO who deals with sexual harassment cases. If you want justice through litigation procedure. You need to heir a advocate who is expert in dealing with sexual harassment cases.

The problem of sexual harassment is not new. It exist in society from centuries. If victim employee does not raise the voice against such cruel acts., No one can help them. Be bold and be strong if you get justice and respect in society. 

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