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Introduction   in current time, property disputes increase day by day. Layman is not aware about the rights of owner or successor. Various technical loops and tricks exist in civil drafting and pleading. Only a property legal Advisor is able to give advice  on property related matters.  There  are various laws which deals with the property cases like partition act, 1893,  indian succession act,1925, the Benami Transaction(Prohibition)Act,1988, the Enemy Property act, 1968, the Government Building act, 1899, the Transfer of Property(Amendment)Act, 2002. The property legal Advisor has specialization in dealing of property related matters. The property can be related to business, corporate sector, ancestral or family. Property related disputes in families have a wide place in civil litigations. 

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Every case has different circumstances and facts. A layman can take advice on any matter or can ask any question related to property matters. That's why a property legal Advisor should have these qualities.

  1. Dedication and Hard work-  continuously hard work and dedication towards the litigation profession are necessary to become the best criminal lawyer. Case study before visiting the court, brief making of the case are also necessary.

  2. Good pleading and argument skills – every question which asked by advocate from opposite party in the court room,  can change the whole scenario of case. That's why Advocate should have good pleading and argument skills. Property lawyer should have practice of lots of drafting skills. Because in civil cases, drafting works are more.

  3. Updated with all new laws and amendments- every year, we get new laws and amendment in the civil aspect of law. Latest judgements of supreme court and high court, changing provisions in drafting also necessary to know.

  4. Dignity and bold personality  in the litigation, experienced and bold Advocates have different dignity and attitude which enhance the personality of them. 

Types of   Property related issues

  • Partitions related cases

  • Settlement cases

  • Ownership disputes

  • Will related matters

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