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Family   court advocates play an important role in indian judiciary system, Because family law is connected with the emotional area of society and family units.  Family court act, 1984 deals with the procedure and jurisdiction of family court. Basically those advocates who keep focus on family matters  like maintenance, child custody, dissolution of marriage, security orders, domestic violence, name change, maintenance, property disputes are called family advocates.   summarised matters, up to a point and balanced arguments are  some basic qualities which every advocate should have but for family court advocates, mediation skills, balanced approach for one's own emotional factor and professional work are also important.

Types of Advocate for family matters in Family Court : 

Professionalism is an important concept for every field. In the trading area of law , advocates focus on specific cases of family court matters. They guide each and every client on the basis of facts and circumstances. 

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1.Divorce expert advocate

The term “divorce  expert advocate” is one of the most famous terms in indian litigation system. Divorce advocates mainly deal with divorce cases. They have wide knowledge of  drafting and pleading of divorce cases. 

2.Marriage and civil union advocate.

In modern society, the aspect of court marriage is very famous. Marriage and civil union advocates mainly deal with postnuptial agreements, registration of marriages, court marriages.

3.Child custody and parent advocate

The Rise of divorce cases has a bad impact on children. Child custody is a very much connected emotional factor. Child custody advocates have  sufficient experience to understand the emotional factor of clients. Cases related to Who is the mother or father of the child also play an important role in the scope of family cases. A advocate who deals with child custody cases and patent advocate , have huge experience of mediation and parentalship plan for mother and father both.

4.Adoption and guardianship advocate.

Adoption and guardianship advocates also play an important role in indian litigation system. Impact of guardianship and Adoption play an important role in a child's life, that’s why  adoption  and guardianship advocates  have sufficient knowledge of guardian and adoption provisions.

5.advocate dealing with domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is one of the serious and penal offences in indian judicial system. The advocates who deal with domestic abuse cases keep in mind that a person who comes for help is a victim of physical or mental abuse. Building a loyal and emotional relationship with a client is the duty of an advocate if a victim is emotionally or mentally disturbed or loses his state of mind.

 An advocate should be updated for every new law and procedure. Flexibility and changningness are one of the main factor of law .After the passing of Muslim women(protection of Rights on marriage)Act, 1986. New drafting procedure for taking the divorce emerged. If an advocate updates himself for the latest procedure of litigation which time to time is directed by state high court and supreme court also, he can get more effectiveness in litigation works.Continuously rising of matrimonial cases also give a big opportunity to advocate for showing his talent and pleading skills.

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