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Best Tips For Women Dealing With Divorce

Best Tips For Women Dealing With Divorce

Dealing with a divorce in India isn’t something one can really prepare for. In the Indian collectivist culture, the idea of dissolving a marriage is still a taboo. With the advent of globalization, Indians are becoming more independent and individualistic.

However, a majority of them still look down upon the concept of terminating a marriage. Though still not as common as in the western nations, India’s divorce rate has definitely seen a steady growth.

Indian women nowadays, refuse to compromise. With most of the women working today, the concept of “compromise in marriage” has faded out owing to women feeling independent and liberated. This two dimensional view – the older generation which consider it a taboo, and the young urban population which believes it is alright, leaves the couple getting divorced mentally and emotionally drained.

Life after divorce becomes more of a social issue, as opposed to a personal one, what with society scorning at divorcées. It is a good idea for women dealing with divorce to read through these tips.

Apart from emotional – mental balance to be regained, control over the financial, legal and social aspects of your life should also be taken. A checklist for after-divorce tasks has been compiled for you. Read through this simple, yet detailed list of some things :

Checklist For Indian Women

  • Change your surname: It is an important legal procedure to verify that you are single (unmarried) again.

  • Communicate this Change: In important documents like bank books, passports, insurance papers etc, it is important that the change is notified. For official purposes, it makes the process a lot easier.

  • Check the Alimony Details: It is rather important to understand how alimony works. The mode of payment, the frequency and other details should be chalked out in the beginning.

  • Close Joint Accounts: All accounts where you are joint holders should be deactivated, as it may present to be an obstacle in the post separation stages.

  • Reading All Documents Carefully: This is one of the most basic points- the attorney will always ask you to go through papers very carefully. Doubts should be asked, as regretting not understanding a clause later is of grave consequences.

  • Draft a Financial Plan: Alimony kept aside, as a single parent if you have the responsibility of bringing up your child, then financial planning is imperative. It is essential not only for the child, but your financial security too.

  • Counseling the children: Considering the way the Indian society scorns at ending marriages, children really should be counseled as to how to handle such situations. Keeping an eye on them during this stressful period will help him/her to make healthier adjustments.

After divorce adjustments are not just about legal and financial formalities. For some, a separation is almost like going through a grieving process. However, once through that stage, one needs to regain control over life. Friends, actions and thoughts should be revisited.

The following list might help you to regain the lost reigns of your life and give you some degree of say in the direction it is moving towards:

  • Create a list. Brainstorm and write all your thoughts on paper.

  • Prioritize your thoughts and actions. Set goals for every day, week and month.

  • Take a break. After enduring something as stressful as this, you have earned a nice long break away from all the troubles of everyday life.

  • Consider the advice given by your family, your loved ones, and friends. No matter what, do not isolate them.

Moving on is a long process. It is all about when you are ready – mentally, emotionally, socially and legally. Sometimes, a separation might be just what you needed in the first place, hence it is advised that women dealing with a divorce in India take the mentioned tips very seriously, and approach them with courage and determination.


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