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 Divorce is the judicial proceeding in which those spouses are not interested to live together, and can separate with some legal conditions.  The Continuous rise of family courts in every district deals with the wide scope of divorce lawyers. Those lawyers who mainly keep the focus on divorce related cases, are called divorce lawyers. Divorce expert lawyers play an important role in the life of two individuals. They have wide knowledge of drafting and pleading of divorce cases. Slow and technical work of the court increases the divorce cases every day. In this crucial condition, A divorce lawyer has better experience to win the case as soon as possible for the interest of the party.

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The qualities, A divorce lawyer should have...

Perfection is an important concept for every field. In every field of litigation, A lawyer handles every case with some pre-arranged planning and strategy. There are few of them.

A Pro-Touch communicator- 

A good communicator is the quality of a lawyer. A divorce should have better experience to solve all queries and doubts of clients in simple and layman's language.

A Good Negotiator- 

 the divorce changes the life of two individuals. If lawyers do negotiation before the start of the legal proceeding, the clients can choose the better path for their life.

Balanced Arguments- 

 At the time of arguments and cross examination, A divorce should be clear with their own drafting skills and bases of arguments. What type of question should be  ask in what time of circumstances by defence counsel, is the main factor to win or lose the case. 

Action Taker- 

In divorce cases, some practical techniques should be learnt by learned counsel. A divorce expert lawyer is fully well-know about  which stage of the case, what Action should be taken. An action taker quality of Advocate increases the ability of pleading and drafting. 

Strong and confident-  

Strangeness and confidence increase the quality of  the  arguments which are the basic ability of a divorce advocate. They should be bold to present their arguments and documents.

Independency  and dignity -

  Only faithness and fairness increase the independence and dignity of every lawyer in the field of litigation. As a divorce expert lawyer, As a divorce expert lawyer, they should well-known of the updated provisions and latest divorce related judgement of supreme court or high court. 


 Rising lack of stability in family or marriages is one of the main causes of divorce. This factor give the big opportunity to prove his knowledge and experience.  flexibility and changningness is the quality of law. After  the end of triple Talaq, there has been a separated law for divorce in muslim law. Therefore, the challenge before the divorce lawyer is how to make his client happy with the new drafting  rules.  

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