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Top 4 Divorce Advice For Fathers In India

Top 4 Divorce Advice For Fathers In India

Giving divorce advice for fathers tends to be a bit difficult for even the most experienced in India. For men, dealing with divorce is definitely different than that for women.

Women have options of talking it out or just going ahead and crying. Indian men continue with the age-old tradition of bottling their feelings. The thought of losing a family can very deeply affect a man. In most of the cases, the child custody goes to the mother.

Top 4 Divorce Advice For Fathers in Jaipur

In such a scenario, it is important to deal with things head-on. Here are some essential tips:

  • Restraining orders and Abuse charge: The Indian laws usually lean towards providing a woman more advantage when a marriage is placed before a judge for dissolution. A recent trend indicates that a certain section misuses these laws, to get restraining orders or file abuse charges. It is the responsibility of a father to be wary of such accusations, as they result in them loosing all rights to visit. Another thing to be careful about would be to avoid abuse of any kind. Abuse, whether physical or emotional, can easily keep one away from visiting the child.

  • Child And Financial Support:  Ex-husbands should be extremely careful and thorough in understanding how providing court-dictated support effects their financial security. In cases where the father is left only with visitation and child support, he should know how this impacts his taxes. He should also ensure that his assistance is not being misused for other unintended purposes.

  • Visitation Rights: Many a times, men tend to forget that they are not just fighting against their wife, but also for their child. Monetary assistance kept aside, fathers need to constantly be there for the child. Visitation does not anyhow mean expulsion from the child’s life.

  • Divorce and its effects on the father-child relationship: Considering how strenuous these proceedings get, it is obvious that the relationship shared with children gets unduly stressed. Options like visitation rights, co-parenting etc. should ensure that the relationship be maintained and it doesn’t stagnate. It is imperative that for a child’s mental growth that the father and mother both be emotionally attached to him/her.

It is not always about support, the financial aspects of the same, or even ensuing personal conflicts with the ex-spouse that ultimately matters. Little has been said about how men (fathers) undergo this traumatic event. More than mothers sometimes, as they lose their essential unit. Men, even if they stop being a husband, should continue being a father.

This is a summary of the best divorce advice for fathers in Jaipur.


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