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The word civil case refers to disputes between two or more parties where they look out for compensation from the party who caused the loss and litigation means taking lawful action. 

Civil law resolves disputes arising out of noncriminal activities. The party to a civil suit can be an individual or company or group of people or any business entity.

The law that governs civil litigation is the Code Of Civil Procedure Code, 1908. This code provides a detailed procedure for filing cases, documentation, written statements, summons, judgment, etc. It is a procedural law that administers civil litigation in India.

Apart from this act, there are numerous acts that fall under civil litigation like the Specific Relief Act, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Contract Act, etc,

In civil litigation, the remedies are in the form of compensation or damages and not punishment or penalty to the wrongdoer. 

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The civil suit is instituted by filing a plaint by the complainant called as plaintiff after which a summons is issued and served to the opposite party called a defendant to appear. On appearance, the defendant provides his statements and after considering both the party's issues are framed. After framing of issues trial is conducted, evidence is collected, cross-examination is conducted and then judgment is give.

If any party is aggrieved by the decision it can make an appeal within the specified duration.


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