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Will is a legal document which declares the intention of the testator( the person who writes the will)  how he wants to distribute his property after his death. Indian succession act, 1825 deals with the procedure of distributing the property between legal representatives. The scope of will related matters increase day by day. The will is another concept by which distribution of property can be done. For making a valid will there should be the proper formalities. A will can be enforceable after the death of the testator. After the making of will, attention is required. A lawyer plays an important role in the matters of will. There are thousands of cases related to will in court rooms. A lawyer deals with the matters related to delay execution of will. Fake will related matters, wills, will through undue influence. Attestations related matters.etc. 

Common legal issues regarding will.

1. Delay execution-

delay execution is the most common issue in will related matters. The executor should execute the will within 12 months from the date of death of the testator. If the executor executes the will after 1 year. It can be problematic.

2. Will made through indie influence-

 This is also a common legal issue in will related matters. if any family member influenced the testator to make the will in his favour. It can be declared invalid. 

3. Attestation related matters.

 Valid will require some legal formalities. Attestation of will  is necessary for making a will valid. There is any lack of legal formalities. It can come under doubt. 

Important legal terms of will

1. Testator – the person who makes a will.

2. The legatee/ beneficial- A person to whom the property is passed

3. Bequeath – the act of making bequest

4. Estate-  the property left after the death of testator

5. The witnesses – the person who are the eyewitnesses at the time of making the will

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