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Introduction criminology plays an important role in the litigation system. The main object of law is to prevent the society from offenders and lawbreakers. Basically the three laws - The Indian penal code,1860, the code of criminal procedure, 1973 and the law of evidence, 1872 play a minor role in criminal cases. If the counsel is well known about all the provisions, procedures of criminal cases, clients can get justice as soon as possible. The criminal lawyers are specialized in criminal laws. They have deep knowledge and experience of different types of criminal cases.

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Dedication, hard work and sincerity play a major role in the success of a Criminal Lawyer. 

There are various qualities of a criminal lawyer.

1. Dedication and Hard work 

Continuously hard work and dedication towards the litigation profession are necessary to become the best criminal lawyer. Case study before visiting the court, brief making of the case are also necessary.

2. Good pleading and argument skills

Every question which is asked by an advocate from the opposite party in the courtroom, can change the whole scenario of the case. That's why Advocate should have good pleading and argument skills.

3. Updated with all new laws and amendments

Every year, we get new laws and amendments in the criminal aspect of law. Latest judgements of supreme court and high court, changing provisions in drafting also necessary to know.

4. Dignity and bold personalities

In the litigation, experienced and bold Advocates have different dignity and attitude which enhance the personality of them.

Types of criminal cases.

Violent related cases

• Drug abuse and alcohol related cases

• Fraud cases

• Sexual harassment related cases.

• Cases involving family

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